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I was born and raised in Cyprus. As a child I never had specific dreams of what to become when I grow up. Nonetheless, I always liked writing.

I left school and qualified as a political scientist. I continued with my master’s degree and then I obtained accounting degree. At the age of twelve I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The years that followed carried fear, lack of acceptance and rejection. I sought help from various doctors and followed several types of treatment.

For those of you who want to get to know me, I am passionate about a multitude of unconnected things: music, animal care, fitness and philanthropy and many more. After several failed attempts trying to choose just one thing to do in life, I realized that I needed to dig deeper. That was the moment I found my passion, which is motivating and inspiring through my stories.

Today, I no longer have seizures. With a great deal of determination, I progressed to where I am today. I work as a youth officer whilst at the same time I created my own blog where I share life experiences and promote epilepsy awareness around the globe as well as how to overcome unpleasant experiences that may have stigmatised you.

In my spare time I enjoy doing volunteerism, hang out with my friends and play with my dog.


Many thanks to my close relative and friend, Chris, for his special contribution to this mission

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