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What is social change and why does it matter - awareness and its importance

As a person I am characterized as an idealist and a dreamer. I have this vision to change the world and have an impact on the society. I believed that by writing this article I would somehow interrogate and trouble other people too.

Change, happens every day. People change, behaviors change, technology changes, relationships change, medicine changes and so on. What concerns me is how do we reach to social change and how do we manage it. Do we attract it? Is it inevitable? Do we cause change? Is change good? What are its benefits for a country and for an individual? Is it acceptable? All of these questions are essential in order for a human to embrace change and adjust with it.

It is arguable that the most important ingredient towards a robust change is awareness; and this is the element of the article. To begin with, awareness regarding very important aspects such as health or social issues is a very problematic area that needs huge development.

I will write specifically for my country and advocate for lack of awareness on epilepsy, as well as collective ignorance as regards as animal care. These are areas that really concern me for two reasons: Firstly, I am an epileptic and I love animals. Secondly, as a political scientist I have the know-how and the need to express an opinion.

Cyprus is a small, sunny, beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s population is around 1,1 million. The percentage of epileptic people in Cyprus is the same as worldwide; it affects 1% of the population. So are ten thousand to eleven thousand epileptics in Cyprus. Epilepsy is still stigmatized in Cyprus as well as in many other parts of the world, we lack awareness as regards as what epilepsy is and which are the government grants that people can claim. Also, many people do not know how to act when they see someone having a seizure. People are ashamed and they cannot easily express themselves, parents hide from teachers that their kids may suffer from epilepsy and the government does not provide the access for specialized treatments or medication. Awareness is the key not only to improvement of millions of peoples’ lives but also the key to upgrading a community.

Further to the above another social issue that not only concerns me but also pisses me off is lack of animal care and insensitivity regarding this topic. Unfortunately, segment of people expresses hate towards the animals. They consider this issue as insignificant and sadly the state does not have any policies related to this. Animal shelters have gone out and animal owners cry over their dead poisoned pets. Some would wonder; why would someone be this cruel? I really don’t know the answer to that.

We all tend to worry about immaterial issues such as work and deadlines, fashion, image and status. We want to be respected and admired. We were born this way. That’s why we try so hard, because we want to fascinate other people. I believe this is stressful and unfair.

The day though we decide that we are more interested in deeper needs is the day we will find our way out. The day that we decide to raise the bar to awareness, show sympathy for the elderly, advocate in respect animal care, maintain policies regarding unemployment and child sexual abuse is the day we will wake up and realize what is really happening inside us and in the world. 

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